Chrysalis regards the establishment of Cost Management Procedures for the Briefing and Design and Construction stages as critical to a successful project outcome.

You will be delivered outstanding results as Chrysalis incorporates rigorous procedures, processes and systems. Each major project is peer reviewed by another within the organisation to ensure it meets the approved project parameters.

We have significant experience in all forms of project procurement and balance control of the brief requirements and risk transfer. You will be provided with reliable advice as to the best procurement strategy to suit your projects’ needs.

Planning Stage

At Chrysalis we understand that to ensure a successful outcome, a project requires careful setting up to clearly define objectives.  Its goals and objectives, identify appropriate budget and program, whilst maintaining the ability to manage change within budget; from inception to completion.  Chrysalis regards the establishment of Cost Planning along with Cost Management Procedures for the Briefing and Design and Construction stages, critical...


Procurement Stage

Our role is to ensure you stay on budget and achieve ‘the best value for money’ outcomes.  Whether you’re a multi-million-dollar commercial developer or a homeowner working on some alterations; build costs need to be reviewed and kept under control.  The incorporation of risk management is integral to cost planning and estimating.  Chrysalis uses knowledge gained from its staff who have been involved with numerous project; Our team of...


Construction Stage

Independent review and certification in Perth

At Chrysalis, we understand the need to deliver effective verification and risk minimisation techniques in a transparent and consistent manner. We offer end to end project management, which includes construction certification services. In an effort to assure you of the best outcomes, our methodology encompasses all imperatives, with time, cost, quality, environment and safety given as much...